Why this WiKi?

The Mutual UFO Network has a long standing tradition of honesty, integrity, and world class investigative processes. For more than 50-years the ufological community has looked to MUFON for scientifically based explanations related to the UFO phenomenon.

The UFO phenomenon is world wide. With nearly a thousand formally trained and certified investigators permanently deployed in more than 60 countries, MUFON is the only organization with the resources to effectively investigate and analyze witness reports and physical evidence on a global scale.

Since the beginning MUFON has shared its findings with anyone who requested same. The largest body of recipients traditionally has been the UFO community. However, in this age of nearly unlimited access we have seen a huge demand for answers originating from the general public. Unfortunately we have also seen an influx of those willing to provide their own opinions and explanations regardless of the source or basis. As a scientifically based investigative organization, we find this situation unacceptable.

This WiKi was established to provide the general public with an unbiased, scientifically sound source of information regarding the UFO phenomenon. The information provided in this WiKi is based upon more than 50-years of research and analysis of witness reports and backed by the most credible investigative organization in ufology.

We hope that you will visit this WiKi often. We also encourage you to use this WiKi as a tool for interpreting significant announcements from governments, scientific bodies, and technological organizations. We expect these announcements to be rather prolific this year and MUFON will be on the forefront of investigating their true significance to the world community.