A Decade After Roswell

Background — Roswell, 1947

According to recent accounts, there were two (possibly three) ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) craft that crashed in the general vicinity of Roswell-St. Augustin, New Mexico, in July 1947.  These were brought down, based to various reports, by one or more radar stations located near the four corners area (where New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Colorado intersect).  This is near the town of Aztec, New Mexico.  Based on testimony, American radar technology, at that time, interfered with ETI navigation systems and caused the crashes and/or mid-air collisions.

Shortly thereafter, Glenn Dennis, the mortician from Ballard’s Funeral Home in Roswell, was informed that there had been a military aircraft crash. He proceeded to the Roswell Army Air Force (RAAF) base to perform his contracted work.  There, he was informally told by a RAAF base nurse to leave immediately (due to the ongoing recovery and examination of deceased ETI beings). Later, the nurse met Dennis at a restaurant and explained the urgency and drew a sketch of the ETI beings that had been recovered and autopsied.  Dennis later redrew the sketch as shown below.  Note that the being had four fingers and that they had what appeared to be very small suction cups on their fingertips. [1]

Glenn Dennis’ sketch based on nurse’s drawing

Two days after the Roswell crash (Sunday, July 6), Major Philip J. Corso was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, and doing his normal inspections of the base that night.  He encountered Master Sergeant Bill Brown, a bowling team colleague, who alerted him to a cargo shipment from Fort Bliss, Texas, on its way to Wright Field in Ohio.  Ultimately, it was to be shipped to the Walter Reed Army Hospital.  Normally, cargo went from Wright Field to Fort Bliss.  Upon inspecting a previously opened container in the veterinary building, Corso saw a glass container containing thick light blue liquid; it was a coffin.  In Corso’s own words:

       “It was a four-foot human-shaped figure with arms, bizarre-looking six-fingered hands – I didn’t see a thumb – thin legs and feet, and an oversized incandescent light-bulb-shaped head that looked like it was floating over a balloon gondola for a chin. I know I must have cringed at first, but then I had the urge to pull off the top of the liquid container and touch the pale gray skin.  But I couldn’t tell whether it was skin because it also looked like a very thin one-piece head-to-toe fabric covering the creature’s flesh.” [3]

The Randle – Schmitt Investigation 

In the early 1990s, Kevin D. Randle (USAFR) and Donald R. Schmitt (Center for UFO Studies) conducted an extensive investigation in the Roswell region of New Mexico to bring forth the latest testimony from a multitude of local residents who were either present or had relatives present at the time of the 1947 crash-retrieval.  In 1994 they published their book, The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell. [4]

In their book, Randle and Schmitt concluded that the ETI being was as shown below in a composite drawing by William L. McDonald.  The majority of the Roswell witnesses who had knowledge about the being (or witnessed it in person) reported that the being had five fingers.  Contrary to Corso’s original description of the being having six fingers, Corso later concluded that it had only four fingers. All other descriptors, besides the number of fingers, were seemingly consistent between all witnesses and Corso.


Rendering of the Randle – Schmitt ETI Being [5]

Paola Harris and Colonel Corso

In 2017 Paola Harris, a well-known author and researcher, published her 175-page book, Conversations With Colonel Corso: A Personal Memoir and Photo Album.  This is truly a memoir of her relationship with a close friend over a number of years.  Harris presents a series of intimate conversations, photographs of Corso and herself, images of artifacts, Corso’s military records and magazine stories about Corso’s experiences. [6]

Paola Leopizzi Harris

More significantly, Harris, during her multiple conversations with Corso, discovered additional, quite revealing recollections and thoughts from Corso that were not disclosed in his book, The Day After Roswell.  One of those revelations is what Corso described, in 1997, about an event that occurred 40 years earlier when he was a US Army commander in New Mexico.  It was an event that took place at White Sands Proving Ground, not far from Trinity Site, the location of the test explosion of the first atomic bomb in 1945.  It took place in Red Canyon in 1957.

Paola Harris with Colonel Corso [7]

Red Canyon, 1957

Based on his military record, in 1957 Corso was a “Nike” missile battalion commander in New Mexico.  The 552nd battalion operated a then-modern, missile radar system.  As has been reported over the decades, some UFOs can be tracked by radar.  According to Corso, UFOs were tracked at velocities between 3,000 and 4,000 miles per hour.  On one particular day, a “blip” was picked up on the battalion’s radar.  Corso then decided to investigate.  In her book, the conversation was as follows: [8]

                “PH: How did you know to go there?  Was it on radar, was it mathematical or was it intuitive?

                  “C: My radars kept picking it up.  It was on my trajectory.

                 “PH: So were you with someone else?

                  “C: No. I was alone. I was on [a] plane first.  I [flew] across the desert.  Then I requested a command   car [Jeep] and I went to the location myself.  It [the disc] was appearing and disappearing.  At first, I did not go near it.  I was a bit scared. Then I threw some cactus in there and it was crushed.  It was solid. It was 110 degrees in the shade and I put my hand on it.  It was cool as ice, right there in the desert near the Trinity site.

                   “PH: Colonel, you act like this is normal.  It doesn’t scare you at all?

                    “C: I was in combat [in Italy during WWII].  If you don’t act normal, you’re in trouble.  You go out of your mind.  On the left, a being came out of an abandoned gold mine.  I first pulled out [a] gun.  Do you know what I asked the being? I asked him, ‘Friend or foe?’ Guess what the answer was?

                     PH: Neither.

                      “C: You are right.  Neither. Wilber [sic: Wilbert] Smith said, ‘You have experienced one of the truly great events that ever happened.’  [At the entrance to the] gold mine, I met one of those things.  I pointed a gun at him and he wanted me to shut down my radars so he could leave and then I put it down and asked, ‘What do you have to offer me?’  You know what message he gave me?  I’ll write it down for you. He said, ‘A new world if you can take it.’ “ [Emphasis added]

The Red Canyon Being                                

The sketch below was drawn by Corso in 1997, based on his 1957 meeting with the ETI being at the entrance to the gold mine.

Corso’s 1997 sketch of the Red Canyon ETI Being [9]

The ETI being is best described as very similar to the McDonald illustration based on the Randle and Schmitt findings.  The exceptions are:

    Full Body Suit, Helmet and Headband

Corso’s being was wearing a clear helmet, a full body suit including a hood-like covering and a headband.  The helmet was worn to either provide a proper breathing environment or something to do with the interior of the gold mine.  According to Corso, the mine contained an amount of water (Corso: “It was standing at the entrance and there is water in there.”).  The headband, based on Corso’s 1997 book, was a brain-to-machine interface (i.e., communication device) used for controlling the operation of the disc.    There was a “stone” [Corso’s word] as part of the headband illustrated above as a small, black rectangle on the forehead at the point of the frontal lobes. Presumably, this was the psycho-electronic component that transmitted the ETI’s brain waves to and from his craft. [10]

   Fingers and Suction Cup Fingertips

Glenn Dennis showed four fingers and suction cups on the tips.  Six fingers were reported in Corso’s 1997 book.  Irrespective, in 1997 Corso drew the hands consisting of four fingers with suction cusps on each finger.  The conclusion of the Randle and Schmitt investigations seemed to indicate that the beings had five fingers.  As a result, the McDonald drawing shows five fingers and suction cups.  Corso also claimed that there were five toes on the ETI being. [11]


In Harris’s book, a detailed “Comparison Chart,” created by Corso, compares and differentiates the human body from the ETI being.  The ETI being, according to Corso, had four lobes and not the two lobes as in the human brain. [12]

    Digestive System

Since Corso (and many others) have concluded that some ETI beings are manufactured clones, Corso records that there was no stomach, intestinal track or rectum.  Corso speculated that the ETI being was energized by an application of an undisclosed electromagnetic energy. [13]

Cross Talk (by Paola Leopizzi Harris)

The Colonel was 83 years old.   [At all of his] speaking engagements, he said four fingers.  So, he made a mistake saying six. He always said four.  [His] drawing [did have] suction cups.  His age accounted for his mistake. But I am sure it was four fingers as that is what he said.

[Corso’s] book was co-written by [William J.] Bill Birnes and taken from The Dawn of a New Age, a  handwritten manuscript which he gave us in Italy.  I think that omissions and inaccuracies are a tactic to mix disinformation with truth.  It is plausible deniability.

Cross Talk (by Paola Leopizzi Harris and T. L. Keller) 

                    TLK: In Glenn Dennis’ drawing, the suction cups appear to be on the tips of the ETI Being’s fingers.  Colonel Corso’s drawing shows the word “Glove.”  But the drawing itself appears to show the ETI uniform sleeve ending at the Being’s wrist.  Did Corso indicate that it was wearing a glove or did it have a bare hand?

                     “PH: [The suction cups] were on the ends of the Being’s fingers.  [Corso] would not have known if they were gloves.  He just called them that.  [Bare] fingers are the only things with suction cups, and this was not a Grey, but [instead it was a small] Clone.”

                     TLK: In your book, Conversations With Colonel Corso, you say that Corso spoke to you specifically about thunderstorms and lightning.  You quote him as saying that there are “electrically-charged, electromagnetic pillars” that can occur during a thunderstorm.  You use the words “dimensional electromagnetic pillars” and the word “gate” associated with them.  Did Corso mean that thunderstorm lighting can create an inter-dimensional portal?  Please describe his use of the words “pillars” and “gate.” 

                      “PH: [Yes, the ‘pillars’ that Corso referred to were the spinning electromagnetic fields created by the lightning.]. [Corso] said that they create a portal and time warp where the second craft . . . appeared at White Sands Missile Range in 1957 (i.e., a decade later).  Remember, [the Clone] was a ‘dimensional Jumper,’ and Corso believed in the Time Mystery of all dimensions being active simultaneously. Corso believed that he was destined to see the Roswell craft, but I think it was a separate encounter.  He [received] a personal message [that] we are all getting now: ‘New World.’”

Harris’ book adds a number of startling comments given to her privately by Colonel Corso that were not revealed in his 1997 book and only after his death.  Among these are that it was Corso’s belief that the ETI being was not only a manufactured clone; but, not surprisingly, a member of the ETI military and also a time traveler.  Lastly, Corso confessed that as the chief of the US Army’s Foreign Technology Division at the Pentagon, he and his superiors were most concerned with the Roswell artifacts that could enhance America’s warfighter capabilities.  But Corso concludes that the ETI cadavers retrieved at Roswell were the greatest gift to us by the ETI cloners and not the recovered military hardware. 

A Lightning – Time Travel Connection? 

Referring to my NEWScience article (“Space Warp Propulsion”) in the October 2018 issue of The MUFON Journal, several revelations become apparent.   In that issue I reviewed the ongoing scientific experiment dealing with the discharge of lightning in a strong thunderstorm and the concurrent warping of space-time.  Work is currently being conducted on a spacecraft propulsion system (called “VEM Drive”)  by Professor David Pares and Kyle Finley of Space Warp Dynamics in Omaha, Nebraska. [14]  If successful, that work would prove a direct relationship between lightning and the warping of space-time and give a great deal of credibility to that hypothesis of the late Colonel Philip J. Corso!

What are we really implying here?  First, at the time of the Roswell crash, two or more ETI craft were in the skies during a strong thunderstorm accompanied by lightning (Corso’s “electromagnetic pillars”). Second, according to Corso, one of the crafts was displaced in space-time to 1957 (via a local “space warp” or space-time “portal”) and re-located to Red Canyon, New Mexico, approximately 125 miles away.  Third, research and laboratory results suggest that a local space warp is a naturally occurring phenomenon in strong thunderstorms. This phenomenon is currently under experimental investigation at Space Warp Dynamics where initial results have confirmed the presence of this phenomenon under laboratory conditions.

Both co-authors welcome responses or comments from our readership.  Space Warp Dynamics LLC can be contacted at:  http://www.spacewarpdynamicsllc.com/contact


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