George Green and the North Base IFO


Antelope Valley            Desert valley located approximately 1-1/2 hours north of Los  Angeles.  Premier center of American aerospace research and development.

Eduard “Billy” Meier  Swiss caretaker and recluse who reported photographing and videotaping ETI “Beamships” and communicating with Nordic ET beings (1975 – 1978). 

Edwards AFB              US Air Force base located at Rogers Dry Lake in the Antelope Valley, near Lancaster, California.  Home of USAF Systems Command flight test center and NASA research center. 

humanoid                    Having human form (two arms, two legs, etc.) or human characteristics.

IFO                              Identified Flying Object (as opposed to an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO).

reptilian                      An alien being with an appearance most relating to reptiles.

X-15                            A rocket-powered, hypersonic NASA spacecraft used in high-altitude research in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

About This Series of Articles

This is the first of a series of articles concerning current and future challenges in the fields of science, engineering, biosciences and human development.  In each of these articles we will present a controversial topic. We call this series, Crosstalk.

In this article, George Green, a former USAF airman, and T. L. Keller, a MUFON Journal contributor, will independently offer their thoughts and comments on Green’s 1958 experience.

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The George Green Letter (by T. L. Keller) 

In 1958, George Green, a 19-year old electronics technician was assigned to airborne radio maintenance on the X-15 hypersonic spacecraft program.  The X-15 program was operated out of the NASA test center at Edwards Air Force Base, California.  When an X-15 had landed and Green had performed a routine maintenance inspection, he drove his Jeep a few more miles to the northern part of the runway so as to validate his use of the Jeep for that day.  Green had a top secret security clearance that allowed him to enter any area on the base.

The Viewing

As he arrived at what is now called “North Base,” Green came upon a hangar with an open door.  In it he could see “. . . a round disc shaped object about 21 feet across.  It stood about 7 or 8 feet in height silvery and the only other noticeably characteristic was that it didn’t appear to have any seams.  I was within 20 ft of the object.  I did not make any other close inspection . . .”

Following his brief viewing of the object, he drove back to his squadron and commented to his immediate superior about what he had seen at North Base.  Green was then directed to report to his commanding officer for a debriefing.  His “C.O.” then instructed him to forget what he had seen and that if anyone else had the same experience to tell them that it was a new spacecraft “designed by Sikorsky (the helicopter manufacturer) that is to be used in outer space.”

In a 1989 letter to Linda Moulton Howe [1], Green claimed to have reported his sighting to a friend who was the base photographer.  The photographer then responded by saying that he had previously photographed the disc-shaped object and then showed the photos to Green. Then, the photographer proceeded to show Green photographs of two deceased occupants of the craft.  Green’s description follows:

“[They] looked to be small humanoid(s) with long slender arms, hands, and slim legs. The heads were similar with no ears, no nose, but a slit, and a slit for ears or round hole.  The features were more of a reptilian look with no hair.  I was then told to remain quiet about the matter as the government will release the information in its own time.  My own perspective of the craft is that it was not ours, that we were being visitited [sic] by some alien intelligence and was then prepared to accept other life forms elsewhere.” [2]

As has been experienced in similar incidents, Green was “then transferred to other duty in the Far East.” [3]

2018 IUFOC Meeting 

In February 2018 I [Keller] was a speaker at the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  After my lecture a gentleman approached me and explained that he had a close-up and personal inspection of an ET craft at Edwards Air Force Base in California in 1958. He said that he had also seen a photograph of two deceased occupants.  To me, this had the strange “ring” as a page in my book on UFOs that described an airman who had a similar experience.  In Appendix H (“The George Green Letter”) of my 2010 and 2016 books, I presented a letter courtesy of Linda Moulton Howe who received it in 1989.  I then asked the gentleman for his card.  It said, “George Green,” and we quickly related our personal stories while I showed him the two pages from my book. [4]


Co-authors George Green (left) and T. L. Keller [5]


I immediately showed him my book’s chapter with color images of 14 types of ET craft and asked him to identify the image of the craft that he had seen at North Base in 1958. Paging through the book, Green immediately pointed to the small disc-shaped craft (page 310) photographed by Eduard “Billy” Meier.  Green pointed to the craft in the upper portion of the photo (see below).  He pointed to the other craft in the center of the photo and said that that was a remote-controlled “drone” (also identified by Meier as a drone).  This photograph was taken by Eduard “Billy” Meier and provided courtesy of Lee Elders from his book UFOs . . . Contact From The Pleiades. [6]

“Billy” Meier photo  of “Beamship” (upper) and remotely-controlled drone [7]

The ET Beings

Needless to say, I immediately paged to Chapter 34 where 15 different ETI life form images were displayed. I then asked Green to find the image that corresponded to the two deceased ETI beings in the photograph that was presented to him by the base photographer.  Green pointed to page 330 where the small humanoid from the crash-retrieval at Aztec, New Mexico, was shown (see below).  This drawing was from Beyond Roswell, by Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle and re-printed in my book, The Total Novices Guide To UFOs. [8]

Drawing of ETI Being as seen by George Green [9]

Crosstalk (by George Green)  

You have done a great job [in describing the North Base event in 1958 that I witnessed].  [The only correction that I would have is that] I was assigned to all of the Top Secret vehicles as an airborne communications mechanic, so I worked on our secret projects. Everything else [as described above is true.  I would also add that] the hangar I visited had closed doors.  [When I approached the North Base hangar], it was not an open building.  I opened up the door to see inside the hangar where the disc was. [10]

Further Commentary (by T. L. Keller) 

According to Dr. Steven Greer, the United States mastered one form of anti-gravity propulsion by 1954.  In this recounting, George Green witnessed an ETI disc sitting idly in a North Base hangar.  Green’s account of his 1958 experience would seem to confirm the likelihood that Dr. Greer’s claim is true.


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