Doctor Lynne’s UFO Graphic Novel & Activities Coloring Book

By T. L. Keller and Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.

Cover of The Phoenix Lights, UFOs & Crop Circles Coloring Book [1]

boomerang                  Generally, one of several observed boomerang or V-shaped craft observed over many years worldwide.  

orb                              An oval or spherical-shaped source of usually white or amber light of varying sizes sometimes observed in the sky or close to the ground.  May be hovering, changing in size, moving from one location to another or simply vanishing.

Phoenix Lights            An aerial phenomena observed at night on March 13, 1997 over Phoenix, Arizona.  A large array of reddish-orange lights apparently in an ordered arrangement in the form of a V-shape.  Possibly one large craft or a series of crafts intelligently maneuvered in unison.

triangle                      Large triangular-shaped craft, usually equilateral in shape and often reported with white or amberlights in each corner on the bottom of the craft.

About This Series of Articles

This is the second of a series of articles concerning current and future challenges in the fields of science, engineering, biosciences and human development.  In each of these articles we will present a controversial topic. We call this series, Crosstalk.  

In this article, Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., the famed Phoenix Lights researcher and key witness, and T. L. Keller, a MUFON Journal contributor, will independently offer their thoughts and comments on Dr. Kitei’s new book, The Phoenix Lights, UFOs & Crop Circles Coloring Book

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The Coloring Book and Other Unexpected Events (by T. L. Keller)


Having both attended and spoken at a variety of MUFON chapter meetings and two MUFON Symposia over many years, it’s been my observation that most of the attendees at these gatherings are . . . not to be offensive . . . of a certain age or greater. I have found that age to be about 40 years or so.  Very infrequently are the attendees in their 20s or teens, and pre-teens are a very rare find.  Recently, I was a speaker at the well-produced, 2018 International UFO Congress (IUFOC) [2] in Scottsdale, near Phoenix, Arizona.  There were about 2,000 or so attendees present.  While manning my speaker table, of all the folks who came by, there were only twosets of parents with their pre-teen children.  One father had his 11-year old daughter and a father and mother has their two daughters, about 6 and 8 years of age.

I was also a panelist (topic: Science and the Future of UFO Research).  The moderator, Alejandro Rojas, asked me what was the biggest challenge to MUFON.  I had no quandary as to what to say: the biggest challenge was how to introduce the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms to our youth and how to get them fully engaged.  Coincidentally, I had been introduced to this Coloring Book (for allages) on that subject just 45 minutes before!  I mentioned the name of Lynne Kitei and the audience immediately responded with applause.  After all, the 1997 Phoenix Lights phenomena occurred only a few miles away and Lynne Kitei is the researcher who has been enlightening us all about them ever since.

The Phoenix Lights [3]
Dr. Lynne D. Kitei [4]

The Graphic Novel & Activities Coloring Book

This 160-page graphic novel and coloring bookis truly unique. I love books, particularly those in color, and what a way to introduce the story of the Phoenix Lights, UFOs and crop circles to very young folks!  The coloring book is really a story of Sue F.O. and Hugh F.O.’s (yes, that’s right; F.O. stands for Field Observer) journey of discovery of UFOs based on the mass sighting of March 13, 1997.  First is shown a fully-colored, cartoon-style image of young people at a nighttime baseball game when a V-shaped series of orange lights are observed over the ballpark.  One girl makes the comment that they might be balloons or Chinese lanterns.  A boy then speculates that they are helicopters and another boy says that they are coming closer.  The girl then [quite logically] says, “That would be amazing because I can’t see how lanterns and balloons could stay in such a straight even spaced formation without wavering or falling.”  This not only shows that boys can make misidentifications, but girls can use logic to figure out what is in fact happening in a bizarre incident that is totally unexpected.

Then, the following page is the sameillustration but in black ink only, thereby allowing the child or adult reader to fill in the coloring. This continues showing the ball players making observations as to what the orange colors represent and how they are moving about.  Is it one object or series of objects moving in unison?  All of this is followed by a little history of the event:

“There were ten different craft reported. Whether it was one craft that could morph, the perspective from where the witness was standing or a Parade of different craft, we may never know. However, the investigators concluded that because there were multiple anomalies being observed, including equidistant orb arrays, as well as silent, mile to two-mile wide V, triangle, boomerang and even disc shaped craft, that there was indeed a Parade of anomalous aerial phenomena during the March 13, 1997 AZ mass events.” [5]

But that’s hardly all.  The coloring book then shows a series of full-color renderings of what was actually observed by witnesses (to scale by map maker David Wisbey, in a photo of the location) and shows the black ink equivalent ready for the child or adult to color in.  This is truly unique.  Here’s just one example:

Actual Street Scene with Superimposed V-Shaped Craft
[as reported by witnesses] [6]

This craft hovered over 7thStreet & Indian School Road (central Phoenix), then vanished when Luke Air Force Base fighter jets approached it at about 8:30 pm, then reappeared after they left and proceeded toward the airport and South Mountain.

The illustration below depicts the craft over North 7thStreet near Indian School Road.

Same Street Scene Ready for Coloring [7]

Historic Artwork, Color Photos, Crop Circles, Puzzles and More

The graphic novel and coloring book also provides a number of historic, color photographs of UFOs and classic artwork (including the 1561 Nurnberg, Germany, woodcut).  The third section follows with a similar treatment of the 80 mysterious crop circles that can be colored as well.  This is followed by a variety of crossword puzzles, games and vocabulary word finders, dealing with these topics and finally the answer section to the puzzles.

Once again, ThePhoenix Lights, UFOs & Crop Circles Coloring Book is a terrific value for children (roughly ages 7 to 97) and an excellent way for parents to introduce these topics to their children in a friendly and non-threateningmanner.  This book is what this subject matter has needed for decades.  Personally, I live in a color world.  This book is printed in full color (except for the pages to be colored by the reader, of course).  Very highly recommended for young families.  Adults can learn a thing or two as well.

Crosstalk (by Dr. Lynne D. Kitei)

As a key witness to the now historic and still unexplained March 13, 1997 Arizona mass UFO events, capturing the onlyanalyzed and authenticated 35-mm. photos of the anomalous aerial phenomena to date and with over 20 years of intense research under my belt, I still don’t know what they are…only that they are. However, I am convinced that it is time we get this important, enigmatic topic out in the open – address it, accept it and study it – so we can find out whois driving these things, as well as move forward in our own evolution.

I had no interest or knowledge of the UFO field – before my first up-close and personal encounter in 1995 – when I began documenting these cryptic lights on 35-mm. and video. Two years later, in January 1997, I ended up filming the same mile- wide array of lights in the same location, two months before the mass sighting, as I would film during the March 13, 1997 mass events, confirmed in each case by air traffic controllers at Sky Harbor International Airport as appearing at 1,000-feet altitude over Class B restricted airspace. These professional sky watchers ruled out every type of conventional aircraft, balloons, flares, and lanterns, even skydivers with lights.

As far as the March 13, 1997 mass UFO events themselves, it is vital to note that over 10,000 witnesses observed either orb arrays traverse in rock solid, equidistantly- spaced V/Delta/Boomerang arrays, and/or actual silent, mile-wide and larger craft (with gun metal bottoms and windows) gliding at low altitude throughout Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and California for over a dozen hours. Some witnesses watched the craft take off at “blink” speed – without even dispersing the air. Others saw the orbsdetach from the main object, go out into the environment and then re-dock with it later. Please check out the Phoenix Lights Network website GAP page for video simulations and illustrations of the 10 differentcraft at 

Youth and adults from all walks of life came forward to report their riveting experiences, including Native Americans, who professed a profound, centuries-old connection with the phenomena, which they call “sky people” or “light beings.”  In addition, the former Arizona Governor Fife Symington, III, who mocked the sightings in 1997, disclosed 10 years later that he was an actual witness to one of the mile-wide craft himself. He stated with conviction that as a pilot and former U.S. Air Force officer, the lights on the ”object” were definitely notflares (the only explanation the U.S. Government came up with, which has never been proven) and that whatever it was, it was “otherworldly.” 

To be clear, most anomalies can be explained. Only a small percentage cannot. But just because we may not have the technology – yet – to definitively define what these things are – it doesn’t mean they’re not real. We may just be looking at the AM dial for an FM frequency. 

And even though the military (three Air National Guard units) tried to re-enact the mysterious anomalies in March 2000, three years after the 1997 mass sighting, their publicly-announced attempt failed miserably. To date, the massive Phoenix Lights orb arrays and craft have neverbeen recreated or explained!

In any case, after thousands saw what I had been seeing and documenting on film for two years prior to the March 13, 1997 mass sightings, including the up-close and personal encounter on February 6, 1995, it sent me on a journey to find a logical explanation. 21 years later, I still do not have an answer – only more questions. 

The Phoenix Lights are hailed as the most witnessed, most documented and most important mass anomalous events in modern history.  Our dedicated endeavor is to inspire young people of all ages to open their hearts and minds to the wondrous possibilities in our vast Universe. By imparting this valuable information, we are not only raising awareness of the credible data, but we are actually preparing others for eventual contact – in a gentle, non-threatening way – just as the Phoenix Lights phenomena did on March 13, 1997 in Arizona and continues to do worldwide – one person at a time, which is now my hope for The Phoenix Lights, UFOs & Crop Circles Coloring Book.


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© T. L. Keller and Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. 2018