Sightings: “J-Rod” Beings

[For those who still cannot get their heads around the Gray beings known as J-Rods]

by T. L. Keller

capacitor                                           a device used for storing electrical energy.

ETI                                                      Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Gray                                                    ETI being.  Sometimes known as Tall Grays; sometimes reported as Short Grays.

Grey                                                    ETI being.  Same as Gray (spelling differs depending on writers).

humanoid                                            nearly human, as in appearance and behavior.

J-Rod                                                   Gray ETI being called “J-Rod” or a species known as J-Rods. Also known as “JAROD.”

LANL                                                   Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico.

panspermia                                        the theory holding that the seeds of life diffuse naturally throughout outer space and carried by comets and asteroids.

S4                                                        US Government facility 12 miles south of Area 51, where flying discs have been researched and text flown.  Near Papoose Dry Lake, Nevada.


In his 2010 book, Light at the End of the Tunnel  [1],Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Minister of National Defence and Minister of Transport, states that:

“The Visitors comprise more than one species from more than one source.  These include Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda and Altair star systems. [2] The short greys, as they are called, have been the most reported, and they are the ones recovered from various crashes including Roswell.  There are others including Tall Grays, Nordic Blonds, Semitics and Reptilians, each with their own distinct characteristics.” [3]

But, what about actual sightings of ETI beings within the S4 facility near Area 51?  In this article of NewScience, we cover the experiences of two professionals who claim to have first-hand knowledge of a being called “J-Rod,” one of the species of Gray beings that have been reported over the decades.  The only difference is that they both claim to have worked with themeither at the S4 facility or at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico.

Much of the following text is extracted from Chapter 29, “The S4 Sextet,” of The Total Novice’s Guide To The Secret Space Program. [4] There are at least six individuals (therefore, the word “sextet”) who claimed to have worked on flying discs at either S4 or LANL. This article reports on two of them: Dr. Dan Burisch and Bill Uhouse.

Bill House

Bill House [5]

Bill Uhouse served 10 years in the US Marine Corps as a fighter pilot and four years with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB as a civilian doing flight testing of exotic experimental aircraft. Later, for the next 30 years, he worked for defense contractors as an engineer of anti-gravity propulsion systems: on flight simulators for exotic aircraft — and on flying discs. He testified that the first disc they tested was a re-engineered ET craft.  He further testified that the ETIs presented a craft to the US Government; this craft was taken to Area 51, which was just being constructed at the time (circa 1958), and the four ETIs that accompanied the craft were taken to LANL. Uhouse’s specialty was the flight deck and the instrumentation on the flight deck — he understood the gravitational field and what it took to get people trained to experience anti-gravity. He claimed to have met several times with an ETI being that helped the physicists and engineers with the engineering of the craft. According to Uhouse, as a specialist in aerospace flight simulators, he helped design a flight simulator for a flying disc manufactured in the US that replicated a flying disc that crashed near Kingman, Arizona, in 1958.  The purpose of the simulator is basically to teach US naval aviators and USAF pilots how to operate the discs in the disc’s own gravitational field.

Simulated image of Kingman crash-retrieval disc  [6]

The diagrams below show the general schematic of the flight simulator at rest (top diagram) when the trainee can enter the simulator on a mobile platform (on left) and when the simulator is energized (lower diagram).  The simulator itself is situated on a 21-foot tall shaft on a 36-inch diameter spherical bearing.Once the trainee is situated in the flight deck, the mobile platform is removed (see lower diagram) and the simulator’s internal capacitors are energized to provide the simulator with electrical energy. This then creates a gravitational field inside the simulator.  The simulator can pivot on the 36-inch ball bearing to a maximum inclination of 65 degrees.

Disc flight simulator at rest  [7]

Disc flight simulator energized [8]

According to Uhouse’s testimony, he met one extraterrestrial being who was referred to as a “J-Rod” during a meeting with scientists and engineers at LANL.  Essentially, the J-Rod being was an advisor to the design team of the disc simulator. At that meeting, Uhouse claimed that Dr. Edward Teller [9] was also in attendance.  Uhouse claimed that he worked at Area 51/S4, but never saw any ETI beings there. Below is a drawing that Uhouse made of the J-Rod.   J-Rod is depicted as wearing a business shirt presumably to ease the sensitivities of the humans in the conference room.  [10]

Drawing of J-Rod by Bill Uhouse 11

Dan Burisch/Crain, M.D.

Dan Burisch/Crain, M.D.  [12]

An even more bizarre story is that of Dr. Dan Burish, a microbiologist.  Dan Crain/Bursich claims that he was abducted by alien beings when he was nine years old.  Later, he took a BS in psychology and a BS in biology from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV).  He gained some official recognition from NASA for his work at UNLV.  Soon after that he was approached by three individuals from the Office of Naval Intelligence (the same group reportedly approached Bob Lazar) suggesting that he join a special team working on the cutting edge of microbiology.  Later, after receiving a high-level security clearance, he was invited to perform work at Area 51/S4.

Burisch graduated from SUNY Stonybrook in 1989 with a Ph.D. in microbiologyand molecular genetics.  Burisch claimed to have been employed by the US Navy’s Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) while doing his graduate studies. His rank was captain and his title was Microbiologist IV. It should be noted that his degrees have not been acknowledged by either SUNY or UNLV, although he had evidence in the form of diplomas, graduation announcements, affidavits attesting to his graduation and even graduating class rings.

In 1994, he claimed to have been assigned to work in an underground laboratory under the Papoose Mountain near Area 51 that is known as S4 (sometimes called S/4 or S-4).  Burisch claimed that he was assigned the case of a time-travelling, extraterrestrial being known as “J-Rod,” sometimes called “JAROD,” a small Gray.  He said that he was suited up in a fifth floor underground laboratory like an astronaut with breathing and urination hoses and telecommunications.  His mission was to enter an encapsulated space where J-Rod was housed.  Burisch was to examine the being, and take biological samples with the objective of determining how the being could be treated for an unknown disease. 

The Area 51/S4 Complex

As previously reported in The MUFON Journal, the S4 facility houses nine hangars where a limited number of crash-retrieved flying discs are stored in ground-level hangars for examination and testing purposes.  As described previously, on ground level (level 1) there are also various testing laboratories related to the flying disc research and development.  These include avionics, propulsion, weapon systems, electronics, etc.  Below that are at least four subterranean levels where there are various additional biological laboratories, offices and permanent housing facilities.  One single elevator serves all levels. Permanent and temporary guest housing is alleged to be located on level 2.  Allegedly, biological research is conducted on level 3 so that any contamination can be controlled and limited to the lowest levels.  According to Bob Lazar, the most oppressive aspect of working at S4 were the security measures. There are additional security procedures in force as one descends from one level to the next lower level. Armed guards are omnipresent.  One changes badges as he/she progresses to the next lower level.  Cameras cover virtually all locations including the toilet facilities.  Burisch commented that he was most impressed by the professionalism of the guard staff that appeared to be a contingent from the US Navy Seal teams.

Bio-Level 4: The “Clean Sphere”

At this stage we begin to describe a scene apparently from a well-financed, Hollywood science fiction movie, complete with secret laboratories, alien beings, space suits and potentially lethal viruses.  Will Smith’s 1996 film Independence Day, highlighting alien craft and an underground biological laboratory,comes to mind.  But . . . this is not a sci-fi movie.

According to Burisch, there is a glass-like sphere commonly known as the “Clean Sphere” located underground on level 5.  It is 120 feet in diameter, and it is filled with a cold, gaseous mixture of hydrogen, argon and other gases.  This is where a four-foot tall, Gray being was housed. As reported by Uhouse, he was given the name J-Rod (or “JAROD”) by his human handlers.  

The story goes like this: the Gray beings are from the Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli star system.  The “Zetas” (my term) are a degenerating race with a neurological disease.  The disease gives them a weakness when they attempt to stand up.  Burisch referred to this disease as a “peripheral neuropathy.”  The Zetas traveled to Earth so that they could take tissue samples back to their home planet so as to cure their disease.  Someof the Zetas exchanged their technologies for assistance from humans to cure the disease as well.   Generally, this implies that there are two groups of Zetas present on the Earth, one of which cooperates with humans and another group that does not.  Burisch claimed to have spent a great deal of time with this being and removed hundreds of tissue samples from what was referred to as an “appendage.”  This apparently was J-Rod’s arm.  Burisch said that he could communicate with the being orally (by voice) and that J-Rod would mimic Burisch’s voice (as if Burisch were talking to himself).  He also said that he could communicate with J-Rod telepathically.

Burisch stated that before he entered the Clean Sphere, he was suited up with a fully enclosed “space suit” equipped with oxygen and urination tubes.  He was equipped with a device that could remove tissue samples and automatically deliver the samples to another location for testing and examination.  The image below was drawn by Burisch himself and reflects the effect of the disease at an advanced stage.

Drawing of J-Rod in advanced disease stage by Dan Burisch  [13]

At one of these sampling events, Burisch stated that J-Rod physically jumped on him and held him very tightly.  J-Rod then telepathically transmitted a lengthy message to Burisch, much of which has not been revealed.  A drawing of this event, clearly showing the space suit, the sampling device and J-Rod, is shown below.

J-Rod imparting a telepathic message to Burisch  [14]

Burisch disclosed one element of those telepathic messages from the J-Rod being.  Burisch claims that the J-Rod imparted information to him about the origin of life on Earth.  And it was during that communication experience that Burisch was guided to look for the evidence of directed panspermia, the seeding of life, at the Vishnu Schist Great Unconformity at Frenchman Mountain a few miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.  


Bob Lazar claimed that he never saw ETI beings at S4, although he acknowledged reading about them while at S4. Eventually and reluctantly, he realized that ETI beings were present — within a Government facility — somewhere .  One must wonder what we can accept as fact, what we can take on trust and what we must leave behind as speculation.  This author knows that the S4 facility is real and that flying discs have been tested there (see my previous article on Bob Lazar).  Bill Uhouse’s background is real, so if he were there at one stage in the 1960s, what was he doing if not developing a flight simulator?  Burisch’s story is the most bizarre and some “authorities” have claimed that he is a fraud. I’ll let the reader decide or hold judgment until more information comes forth.  In any case, they’re both fascinating stories.


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