ESP and Remote Viewing – Part 2

[For those who missed out on both the 1973 announcement and its significance]

by T. L. Keller

Dames, Edward                      Major, US Army (retired) andremote viewing operations officer whose responsibility was to supervise remote viewers and handle administrative affairs.            

Dellafiora, Angela                  civilian, self-described psychic and said to be the most valuable remote viewer to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

DIA                                          Defense Intelligence Agency.

ESP                                         Extrasensory Perception.  Occurring or seeming to occur apart from, or in addition to,  the normal function of the usual senses.

McMoneagle, Joe                    US Army Chief Warrant Officer (retired).  He was among the first personnel recruited for the top secret program known as the Star Gate Program (1978–95).  Along with trainer Ingo Swann, McMoneagle is best known for claims surrounding the investigation of remote viewing and the use of paranormalabilities for military intelligencegathering. His interests also included near-death experiences (NDE), out-of-body travel (OBE), and UFOs.

psychokinesis                         the apparent ability to influence physical objects or events by thought processes.  Sometimes referred to as PK.

Puthoff, Hal                            American engineer specializing in gravitational and paranormal research.  Currently the director of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas.

remote viewing                      ability to “see” objects at a remote distance using paranormal sensory channels.  Coordinate remote viewing (CRV) is the ability, given the physical coordinates of longitude and latitude, to “see” objects at remote distances.

Swann, Ingo                            late American psychic, remote viewer and trainer.  Working with Dr. Jacques Vallee, Swann coined the term “coordinate remote viewing” (CRV).

telepathy                                communication between minds by some means other than the normal sensory channels.


Annie Jacobsen is an established author with a specialty, it would seem, of writing about deep black, US Government programs. In 2017, she published Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis1 Her other titles are: Operation Paperclip, The Pentagon’s Brainand Area 51.  They are all quite extraordinary, to say the least.  Part 1 of this series was published in the XXXXXXXXXXX XXXX issue of The MUFON Journal. What follows in Part 2 of this series describes what might be called the “US Military’s Years” of Government involvement in secret experiments in ESP, psychokinesis and remote viewing.

The Experiments

Chief Warrant Officer Joe McMoneagle

Joe McMoneagle was among the first personnel recruited for thetop secret program known as the Star Gate Program (1978–1995).  Along with trainer Ingo Swann, McMoneagle is best known for claims surrounding the investigation of remote viewing (RV) and the use of paranormalabilities for military intelligencegathering.  McMoneagle was a natural-born psychic.

Joe McMoneagle 2

Quoting from Jacobsen:

“McMoneagle did not have a good feeling about the direction the program was headed, he says.  Earlier in the year he’d been asked to help locate nonpsychicpeople who could be trained to become psychic, he declined.  ‘There is no indication that training enhances remote viewing,’ McMoneagle says. Perhaps ‘bright and intelligent officers’ who were already prone to psychic functionality ‘could be proficient,’ he wrote, but in the majority of cases, people with extrasensory perception are born, not made.’” 3  [Emphasis added]. 

Major Edward Dames

Probably the most well-known participant in the remote viewing program is US Army Major Ed Dames.  According to Jacobsen, here’s how she characterized Dames’ introduction into her book,

“On December 2, 1983, with a weekend bag in tow, [Paul] Smith [a remote viewing trainee] headed over to the parking lot outside Nathan Hale Hall and boarded a bus headed to Monroe [Institute for Hemi-Sync training].  His teammate and roommate for the weekend, a former Morse code intercept operator named Edward Dames, had also been recently assigned to the remote-viewing program.  ‘He was smart, dedicated and very enthusiastic about remote viewing,’ Smith recalls.  ‘He had a reputation as an innovative, imaginative thinker.’ . . . Smith liked him immediately, he says.  Dames loved to pontificate.  ‘Most of the four-hour trip Ed spent talking about space aliens and UFOs,’ remembers Smith.” 4 

Major Ed Dames 5

It would seem that Jacobsen’s opinion of Dames was not as favorable as Dames’ website:

“The original Army screening protocols were meant to identify individuals whose minds were not closed to the possibility of psychic functioning. Dames exemplified an individual who appears to have been at the other end of the spectrum.  His belief system was such that he was already fully invested in UFOs, extraterrestrial visitations, and the so-called Akashic Records.  To suggest to someone with this set of preexisting beliefs that he could become a psychic spy for a top-secret military program was in hindsight a recipe for fiasco.” 6  

It should be pointed out that Dames was not a naturally-born psychic.  He passed through the same Ingo Swann training program as the other potential remote viewers — some of whom, as with Dames, ended as an RV operations manager and not a viewer.  At Fort Meade, Dames maintained a steady set of remote-viewing, training sessions.  Generally, an operations manager would select DIA-sanctioned targets — landmarks, bridges, buildings — that could be verifiedafter the training sessions.  Dames, instead, sent viewers to what was called an “anomaly” or “chimera” target.  His fascination with concepts such as extraterrestrial visitations, underground alien bases in Arizona or on Mars, determined his selected targets.  For example, Dames send one viewer back in time to examine “a possible UFO encounter [and] abduction in Texas.”  His viewer reported contact with “a long rounded object,” covered with “red and black raspy, sharp” points. Dames wrote that his goal was to support his hypothesis that a group of ETIs called the Supreme Galactic Council was working to control Earth.  Dames asked a viewer named Paul Smith to remote-view Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, with the objective of determining that ETIs lived and worked there.  Smith reported seeing “land, water and some structures” at the target.  Dames took this to prove that this was “part of an observation post” on Saturn. 7  When Vorona heard of the anomalous targeting assignments, he designated another person for the branch chief position that had been slated for Dames.

As one commander remarked during Dames’ service in the US Army, his selections of “rogue” targets were, “Not Verifiable, Cannot Evaluate, No Ground Truth” and simply had Dames’ reports quietly filed away. 8 Somehow, Dames’ work with anomalous target assignments only lost him his final promotion to the branch chief.

Due to information leaks to the public, the remote viewing unit was forced into declassification by the US Army and DIA. Major Dames retired from the US Army in 1991 and began a full-time effort to advance remote viewing technology.  He established Remote Viewing Products, Inc., performed a series of live workshops and produced remote viewing courses on video. In 2012, Dames was interviewed by George Noory on his Coast-To-Coastradio show. 9  In the interview with Noory, Dames said that he had remote-viewed Mars in its distant past and that Mars lost its atmosphere, killing off its life and civilizations. A very long time ago, he said, there was a large population on Mars, with two different races.  Following a series of storms, the atmosphere was reduced to the point it could no long sustain any biological activity.  Only “sentient machines or robots” remained after the loss of the Martian civilization, and they now operate from an underground command center.  [WOW!]

Angela Dellafiora

In 1986, Angela Dellafiora joined the DIA psychic spy unit. Whereas most of the other members had been trained as remote viewers, Dellafiora was a self-proclaimed psychic. Ed Dames was also a member of the unit and was an operations officer whose assignment was to supervise viewers and handle administrative tasks.  There were six viewers and three operations officers at that time.  Dellafiora was a civilian and all of the other viewers claimed that they were not psychics, but instead were trained remote viewers.  This immediately created friction in the unit.  Dellafiora claimed that she had a “third eye.”  According to her, this gave her the ability to “see” what the trained viewers could not.  When she closed her two eyes, effectively this opened her third eye.  “The third eye helps you see.  It’s a very old idea,” she said.  “It’s located in the middle of the forehead.  When you are being psychic, you have to open it up.  When you are not being psychic, it’s important to have it closed down.” 10  The trained viewers considered this to be occult and made them all feel uncomfortable. The problem was that Dellafiora achieved the highest test scores of the unit.

Senator Claiborne Pell and Dellafiora 11

In 1988, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was manufacturing blister agents and sarin nerve gas, which was a weapon of mass destruction (WMD).  President Ronald Reagan was planning an air strike on the factory some 60 miles from Tripoli.  The DIA had learned that a large stockpile was to be moved from the chemical production facility to a new location.  Due to her high test scores, the DIA assigned Dellafiora to remote view the facility to determine the new location.  Because of the critical importance of the assignment, she was joined by Dr. Jack Vorona, Chief Scientist for the Directorate of Science and Technology at DIA, as an observer.  Then, in session, Dellafiora closed her two eyes and opened her third one.  “I concentrated for a moment.   A word came to me and I wrote it down.”  She handed Vorona the paper with the words “Potato” or “Patuta.”  She said, “a ship by the name of Potato would arrive in Tripoli to transport chemicals to an eastern Libyan port.” 12  Vorona then walked into an intelligence office with the paper and asked, “Does anyone know what this means?”  One analyst spoke up and said that Libya had a ship in their fleet named the Batato. 13  Two days later, the New York Timesheadlined “U.S. Says Libya Moves Chemicals for Poison Gas away from Plant” declining to indicate the source of the news. The source was Angela Dellafiora. Subsequently, a US Navy submarine was tasked to hunt down and sink the Libyan vessel.

Following other similar successes, Dellafiora was acknowledged as the most valuable psychic viewer for the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Following her retirement she was awarded for her classified work by Dr. Jack Vorona.

Dr. Jack Vorona and Dellafiora 14

Part 3 of the Series

In Part 3 of this series,  we will present the experiences of Dale Graff and Rosemary Smith, the US Air Force Star Gate Project and the scientific evidence that may explain ESP, PK and remote viewing.


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