Rendlesham Forest, Revisited – Part 4

By T. L. Keller

AFOSI                                      Air Force Office of Special Investigations.  A USAF group assigned to investigate crimes and sensitive matters.

binary code                             computer code consisting only of the digits ones and zeros (1s and 0s).

Burroughs, John                     Airman 1stClass, USAF, who accompanied Penniston to the site of the landed craft.

Halt, Charles I.                       Deputy base commander of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters.  Lead the investigation on the third night. 

Penniston, Jim                        Staff Sergeant, USAF, in charge of a Security Response Team at RAF Bentwaters, England.  Lead the field investigation and witnessed the landed craft on the first night.

RAF Bentwaters                     Royal Air Force (RAF) base, adjacent to RAF Woodbridge, constructed in 1943 and operated by the US Air Force in the 1970s as a fighter base and nuclear weapons storage facility.  Located in Suffolk county, England,

RAF Woodbridge                    Royal Air Force (RAF) base, adjacent to RAF Bentwaters,  constructed in 1943 and operated by the US Air Force in the 1970s as a fighter base and nuclear weapons storage facility.  Located in Suffolk county, England,

Rendlesham Forest                forest located in the Suffolk Coastal district, Suffolk County, England. A large area of forest was cleared for the construction ofRAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters  in 1943.

talisman                                  a magical symbol used throughout human history and often part of a magical ritual. All talismans are enclosed in a circle and many display planetary or stellar symbols.  Similar to an amulet.

time travel                              the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine.


In the early morning hours of December 26 and 28, 1980, there was a series of reported sightings of unexplained, multi-colored lights near Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk County,  England. The events occurred just outside RAF Woodbridge which was used at the time by the US Air Force (USAF). USAF personnel claimed to have observed what they described as a UFO landing.  Then Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston along with Airman 1st Class John Burroughs encountered what Penniston called a triangular craft of unknown origin. The Rendlesham Forest incident has become known as “Britain’s Roswell.”  

In Part 3, we covered the aftermath of the events of the three nights beginning on 25/26 December. On December 29, Penniston submitted to an “AFOSI” interview, but not with AFOSI agents.  One American officer and one British officer from an undisclosed agency(cies) directed him to write to the finest of detail the events of the first night.  Later, he was given a half-page, typewritten statement that whitewashed his experience. It was clearly part of a disinformation program.  He was told to memorize it and never discuss what actually happened to him and Burroughs. Further disinformation followed in later days.  Four years later, Penniston submitted to an AFOSI hypnotherapy session.  In a partial, word-for-word transcription of the Q&A, Penniston, under the influence of sodium pentathol, stated that the intelligences behind the black craft were human time-travelers from the distant future.

The events summarized below are accounted for in a blow-by-blow, minute-by-minute narrative in Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn’s 2019 book, The Rendlesham Enigma.  This is a very detailed and comprehensive memoir of some 700 or so pages.  Please refer to Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series in the XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXand XXXXXXXXXXissues of The MUFON Journal before proceeding with Part 4.

Jim Penniston at the National Press Club 1

Penniston’s Notebook

As described in Part 1 of this series of articles and above, Jim Penniston touched the symbols, or what he called “glyphs,” on the left front of the triangular craft.  Doing so, released into his subconscious a series of ones and zeros, called binary code (binary meaning two numeric digits, in this case), which made no sense to him at the time.  When he returned from his investigation of the landing site, he was unable to sleep. For one thing, it was a trauma to him to have ones and zeros running through his mind for no apparent reason. To put aside those thoughts, in his notebook he wrote 16 pages of what seemed to be random ones and zeros until he finished the last page.  He was then able to sleep soundly.  Illustrated below is the first page.

Notebook – Page 1 2

Joe Luciano, Code Breaker

Even though Penniston used the words “binary code” in his AFOSI interrogation, he had no idea of the meaning of the zeros and ones.  Some 30 years or so later, Penniston gave the 16 pages to Joe Luciano, computer systems engineer, for translation of the ones and zeros.  As Penniston describes it, Luciano was able to decode the 16 pages and in the first 13 pages he decoded the latitude and longitude (lat./long.) coordinates of seven global locations.  The following is the deciphered message from the entire 16 pages: 3

[This would appear to be the mission of those who controlled/piloted the craft.  “8100” as shall see is   the apparent future, origin year of the mission. Notwithstanding the obvious “666” which has a Biblical meaning 4, it goes unexplained in the book.] 
            Page 2: Lat./Long. of Hy-Brasil Island followed by the words “CONTIN” 
[Hy-Brasil Island is a legendary island appearing on maps from 1325 to the 1800s. It was alleged to be 200 miles off the west coast of Ireland.  “CONTIN” is the first six letters of the word “continuous.”]
              Page 3: “UOUS FOR PLANETARY ADVAN!”
[“UOUS” is the last four letters of “continuous.”  “ADVAN!” seems to be mis-recording or mis-translation.]
[Clearly, there is some mis-recording or mis-translation of the zeros and ones.  “BEFOR” is the first five letters of the word “before.”]
            Page 5: “E”   [This is the last letter of the word “before.”]
            Pages 6 to 13:  [These are the latitudes and longitudes of:
                 Caracol, Belize
                 Sedona, Arizona
                 Giza, Egypt
                 Nazca, Peru
                 Shandong, Tai Shan Qu, China
                 Naxos, Greece]
            Page 14: “EYES OF YOUR EYES”
            Page 15: [Lat./Long. of Hy Brasil Island.  This is identical to Page 2, but without six letters “CONTIN”]
            Page 16: “ORIGIN YEAR 8100”
                  [Presumably, the origin year of the time traveling mission to Earth’s past.]

Hy Brasil Island, located west of Ireland, is a now submerged island.  The significance of Caracol, Belize, is that this is the location of the Mayan Canoa Pyramid south of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Sedona, Arizona is considered by many to be the location of a Hopi tribal sacred site and alleged “portal.”  The Great Pyramid of Giza and the other two main pyramids will be discussed below.  The enormous designs on the desert surface near Nazca are alleged to be Pre-Incan landmarks for extraterrestrial visitors as they are only discernable from high altitude.  Mount Taishan is located in Shandong, China.  The ancient Greek Temple of Apollo is located at Potara on the island of Naxos.

Gary Osborn, Ancient Egypt Scholar

Gary Osborn authored the final chapter.  Osborn is an ancient Egypt scholar and collaborator with Philip Coppens, Scott Creighton and Robert Bauval on books dealing with the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. Here are some of his conclusions:

“The coordinates found in the Rendlesham binary code message were carefully determined to provide – both individually and collectively – specific information which leads us to certain themes that are connected to what appears to have been a global catastrophe in the past and also points to a timeline, or ‘recessional cycle’ clock that had been encoded at Giza in Egypt.  This timeline is referred to as the Giza Diagonal, also known as the Lehner-Goedicke Line 5, and seems to provide us with ‘cataclysm periods’- re-occurring major events within the 25, 920-year cycle timeline.  6
“Also gleaned from the seven sets of coordinates are the numerous references to the present 23.5-degree tilt angle of the Earth’s axis of rotation, which is also the first key in the unraveling this code.” 7
“I think that the results, which point to an ancient ‘system of knowledge’ encoded thousands of years in the past, are going to surprise a lot of people who view the Rendlesham Incident as ‘just a UFO event.’” 8

Osborn then goes on to perform a detailed geometric analysis of the orientation of the Great Pyramid to the other two large pyramids at Giza.  This analysis is far beyond the scope of this article, so the reader is referred to The Rendlesham Enigma: Book 1: Timelineto be explored in much more detail. Osborn promises additional analyses and further revelations in their forthcoming book The Rendlesham Enigma: Book 2: A Code Within A Code.

Glimpses of Other Realities

Today, one wonders what Penniston’s “take” is on the entire event.  What intelligent “entities” controlled the craft and where did they come from?  Does he accept “human time travelers from the future”?  In 2013, Penniston is quoted as saying that, “I said , and I would emphasize that this message came to me even before I had undergone hypnosis and all this time-travelers from the future scenario came out:

“The message that takes me back the most is that even in the future . . . they still await first contact! . . . Meaning contact with another species or civilization from another planet, solar system or galaxy in the vast universe.  I would emphasize that this message from the intelligence behind the craft I had encountered came to me even before I had undergone hypnosis and the ‘time-travelers from the future’ scenario came out, which is why I could never really accept the alien/ET hypothesis, and also because we don’t have all the answers to make this conclusion, which many will state and take for granted as if it is a fact.  I even question the ‘time-travelers from the future’ hypothesis, and accept that the intelligence behind the UFO or UAP phenomenon could be something beyond that and the ET hypothesis.” 9

It was the triangle enclosed within the circle symbol (what he called the large “glyph”) that transmitted the series of 1s and 0s.  Penniston: “I intuited that the large glyph was the key to the craft.” 10  What was the meaning of the encircled triangle?  In Islamic mysticism, a circle enclosing a triangle is the symbol for the human soul11  More generally, as a talisman (see sidebar), this symbol is often part of a magical ritual relating to stars and planets.


There are manifold conclusions that are revealed by Penniston and Osborn, namely: (1) There was, as Penniston says, “an unidentified craft or unknown origin,” that descended, landed, then later ascended and departed at speed over the North Sea; (2) While touching a specific symbol on the craft, Penniston saw a bright white light, and then experienced a telepathic message of ones and zeros coming from the craft; (3) Although Penniston, during AFOSI interrogation, referred to an “entity inside the craft,” he saw no entity as such; (4) Various other multi-colored lights were observed by some 80 military witnesses. That includes the light descending into and out of the forest and departing to the North Sea.  Also, one light was seen to venture close to the WSA (Weapons Storage Area) where nuclear weapons were stored; (5) During that interrogation, he said that he received a telepathic message that the entity(ies) were humans from Earth’s future, that they were “us” and that the craft was in the process of repairing itself; (5)  During hypnosis, Penniston said that the mission of the craft, was to recover human chromosomes to be used to solve reproductive “problems” being experienced by the entities in the distant future; and (6) Today, Penniston accepts as fact neitherthe “travelers from the future” northe “alien/ET hypothesis” scenarios and believes that “ . . . we don’t have all the answers to make [either] conclusion.”


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© T. L. Keller 2019

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