Messengers from Magonia

By T. L. Keller

DIA                                          Defense Intelligence Agency.

EBE                                         Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.

fairy                                        elvesor the Gentry.  Any numberof small beings legendarily living in various parts of Europe during the Middle Ages and later.  In Britany, they were known as lutinsand korrigans.  In Cornwall they were called pixiesrobin good-fellowsin England, and goblins in Wales and Normandy. In continental Europe they were also known as the Good Peopleand the Good Neighbors.  Also, Browniesin Scotland. 1

Gentry                                     see fairy above.

inter-dimensional                  the hypothesis that there are more than four dimensions in the Universe.  According to superstring theory, there are 10 dimensions (length, width, height, time and six others).

Magonia                                  another dimension outside of our space-time or a parallel universe.

parallel universes                  a theory that in the infinity of space-time, there are other universes in addition to our own Universe. Each of these may have different physical laws and constants.  Also called a multiverse.

secret space program            a highly secret, military space program that has been running in parallel to the publicly-known space programs such as NASA, the European Space Agency, the Russian space program and others.

sylph                                       a class of mortal, soulless beings supposed to inhabit the air (from Paracelsus’s alchemical system).

space-time                              any mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional continuum.  Also called spacetime.

transmorphic entities            entities who exist in some other dimension or plane that is not in Earthly space-time. They are said to be capable of transforming themselves into any physical form into which they “channel” their energy.


In the December 2018 issue of The MUFON Journal  2Dr. Robert M. Wood presented his analysis of a 47-page document sent via e-mail to Heather Wade, a former radio talk show host.  Although the provenance of the document is uncertain, it appears to be sourced from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  The text was alleged to be briefing document for a new person within the MJ-12 Group and with indications that MJ-1 (Director of the CIA) may have been the author who dictated the unofficial document to two different typists.  The document alleges specific information regarding the 1948 crash in Aztec, New Mexico, and contains further information revealed via interrogation of one, live EBE recovered from the crash.  The 47 pages revealed the presence of four groups of extraterrestrial visitors and apparently listed them in the order of their apparent current and future impact on Earth. 

For those who did not see Part 2 of my “How Do (Some) UFOs Work?” series of articles in the July 2019 issue of The MUFON Journal, the reader may not be aware of the theory of parallel universes and inter-dimensional travel.  This was covered in some detail in Dr. Jacques Vallee’s 1988 book, Dimensions.  In Dimensions, Vallee suggested that not all visitors to Earth are space travelers from another star system and all unidentified flying objects may not be solid objects.  In this article we further pursue this hypothesis and consider such possibilities.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

In June 2019 Dr. Michael Salla published his most recent publication, US Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances & Space Force4  In his most recent publication, Salla reveals details of the 47-page DIA document and briefly describes four types of EBEs outlined in the DIA document.  The four basic types of EBEs are as follows: [1] Earth-like humanoids; [2] Small humanoids, the Grays; [3] Non-humanoid EBEs such as Reptilians; and [4] Transmorphic Entities.  Transmorphic entities are, perhaps, the most difficult to analyze or even describe as they originate from a dimension or “plane” different from Earth’s space-time.  They also, apparently, have the ability to transform their appearance by controlling their own energy and matter.   According to Salla, “They do not use devices or travel in space . . . .  In essence these entities are composed of pure mind energies.  . . . They are said (by other EBEs) to be capable of taking on any physical form that they ‘channel’ their energy . . . as matter.” 5  These transmorphic entities — these messengers from Magonia —are the subject of this article.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Transmorphic Entities

For those of us of a certain age and inclination, beginning in 1966, the Star Trek TV show was aired for the following three years. One of the many themes that were presented was inter-dimensional beings.  In an early episode, the “Arena,” there were energy beings, known as the Metrons, who could appear suddenly wearing a Greek toga and sandals, without the benefit of a spacecraft, and then vanish.  In another episode, beings could appear as if in their youth and then be transformed into their much older form.  These are examples of what this writer would say are representations of transmorphic entities.

Captain Kirk suddenly encounters a Metron

Of course, many UFO researchers would categorize the DIA documents as a well-designed hoax and the stories of inter-dimensional beings as nothing more than fanciful science fiction. This reaction is quite understandable given the absurdity of this question.  But is there any evidence from the past that anyof this might be true?

Dr. Jacques Vallee

Jacques Vallee is an astrophysicist, computer scientist and UFO researcher, who, in his earlier years, was a working colleague of the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek.  Vallee is the author of a number of UFO-related books including  Dimensionsand Passport to Magonia.

Drs. J. Allen Hynek (left) and Jacques Vallee

To summarize Jacques Vallee’s theory that was presented in “How Do (Some) UFOs Work? – Part 2,” here is the essence.  Vallee proposes that there is a region outside our space-time that is in a different dimension other than ours.  These highly-advanced “beings” dwell, perhaps, in another dimension or parallel universe, a place where the ancients called Magonia.  Vallee suggests that these beings can appear and vanish at will.  They can transform energy into matter and matter back into energy (as theorized by Einstein in his theory).  They can therefore appear in our space-time as fairies, Gentry, elves or, in fact, human beings dressed in the local garb.  They can also create a solid flying object, and they can create holograms of the same.  In other words, they can create projections of non-solid objects or beings.  So where is the evidence?  His evidence is presented in his Dimensionsand Passport to Magoniawhere he presents folklore, some ancient and some modern, that has been reported from Europe, Asia and the Americas — essentially worldwide.

Messengers from Magonia

Where is Magonia and who are the messengers from Magonia?  In 816, Agobard, the Archbishop of Lyons, described observations of beings who flew through the sky and landed in France.  Agobard, “one of the most celebrated and learned prelates of the ninth century,” wrote:

“We have, however, seen and heard many men plunged in such great stupidity, sunk in such depths of folly, as to believe that there is a certain region, which they call Magonia, whence ships sail in the clouds, in order to carry back to that region those fruits of the earth which are destroyed by hail and tempests; the sailors paying rewards to the storm wizards and themselves receiving corn and other produce.  Out of the number of those whose blind folly was deep enough to allow them to believe these things possible, I saw several exhibiting in a certain concourse of people, four persons in bonds — three men and a woman who they said had fallen from these same ships; after keeping them for some days in captivity they had brought them before the assembled multitude, as we have said, in our presence to be stoned [executed].  But truth prevailed.” 6

According to Vallee:

“[I]t chanced at Lyons that three men and a woman were seen descending from these aerial ships.  The entire city gathered about them, crying out they were magicians . . . sent by Charlemagne’s enemy, to destroy the French harvests.  In vain the four innocents sought to vindicate themselves by saying that they were their own country-folk, and had been carried away a short time since by miraculous men who had shown them unheard-of marvels, and had desired to give them an account of what they had seen.  The frenzied populace paid no heed to their defence, and were on the point of casting them into the fire, when the worthy Agobard, Bishop of Lyons, who having been a monk in the city had acquired considerable authority there, came running at the noise, and having heard the accusations of the people and the defence of the accused, gravely pronounce that both one and the other were false.  That it was not true that these men had fallen from the sky, and that what they said they had seen there was impossible.
“The people believed what their good father Agobard said rather than their own eyes, were pacified, set at liberty the four Ambassadors of the Sylphs, and received with wonder the book which Agobard wrote to confirm the judgment which he had pronounced.  Thus the testimony of these four witnesses was rendered vain.” 7

It might be emphasized that the three men and one woman were obviously capable of speaking fluent French (and not in some meaningless tongue) and that, apparently, they were dressed according to the local custom (i.e., not in a tight-fitting, silvery suit and helmet!).  Otherwise, Agobard might have been ignored and all of them, including the Archbishop, cast into the bonfire!  In contemporary terminology then, these four humans were more likely to have been lowered using a traction beam from the craft to the ground (i.e., teleported) so that they could tell their miraculous story.  If they were not humans, then they would more likely have been, what Salla calls, Earth-like humanoids or transmorphic entities.

Folklore to Flying Saucers

In both of Vallee’s books, and perhaps in his other writings as well, he reports the folklore of many countries worldwide.  Vallee makes special note that often observed beings are reported performing absurd actions and making absurd statements.  Vallee takes this to indicate that many of these events were stagedby these visitors for their own unexplained purposes or amusement.  The following is just a sample of his evidence.

A description of the Gentry (circa 1910):

“The folk are the grandest I have ever seen.  They are superior to us and that is why they call themselves the Gentry. They are not a working-class, but a military-aristocratic class, tall noble-spirits, as they have told me. Their qualifications are tremendous: ‘We could cut off half the human race, but would not,’ they said, ‘for we are expecting salvation.’  And I knew a man three or four years ago whom they struck down with paralysis.  Their sight is so penetrating that I think they could see through the earth.  They have a silvery voice, quick and sweet.”  8

A story of the seven Sylphs (1491):

“When I had completed the customary rites, at about the twentieth hour of the day, seven men duly appeared to me clothed in silken garments, resembling Greek togas, and wearing , as it were, shining shoes.  The undergarments beneath their glistening and ruddy breastplates seemed to be wrought of crimson and were of extraordinary glory and beauty.
“They were about forty years of age, but they did not appear to be above thirty.  When asked who they were, they said that they were men composed, as it were, of air, and subject to birth and death.”  9

A young man (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the future German writer and statesman) traveling to the University of Leipzig (1768):

“All at once, in a ravine on the right-hand side of the way, I saw a sort of amphitheatre, wonderfully illuminated.  In a funnel-shaped space there were innumerable little lights gleaming, ranged stepfashion over one another, and they shone so brilliantly that the eye was dazzled.  But what still more confused the sight was that they did not keep still, but jumped about here and there, as well downwards from above as vice versa, and in every direction.  The greater part of them, however, remained stationary, and beamed on.”  10

Were the seven Sylphs that appeared out of  nowhere from another dimension?  Were the Gentry a superior race from a parallel universe?  Did Goethe see a landed saucer?  Alas, these three examples do not do justice to Passport to Magonia, but give the reader a sense of what may have been occurring over many centuries or even thousands of years.So, what is Vallee’s general conclusion?  In a few words:

“Let us come to the point now.  It would be nice to hold on to the common belief that the UFOs are craft from a superior space-civilization, because this is a hypothesis science fiction has made widely acceptable, and because we are not altogether unprepared, scientifically and even, perhaps, militarily, to deal with such visitors.  Unfortunately, however, the theory that flying saucers are material objects from outer space manned by a race originating on some other planet is not a complete answer.  However strong the current belief in saucers from space, it cannot be stronger than the Celtic faith in the elves and fairies, or the medieval belief in lutins, or the fear throughout the Christian lands, in the first centuries of our era, of demons and satyrs and fauns.  Certainly, it cannot be stronger than the faith that inspired the writers of the Bible — a faith rooted in daily experiences with angelic visitation.” 11


This simple article can hardly do full justice to either Salla or Vallee, but instead it summarizes their primary conclusions that these beings and their craft have been visiting Earth for hundreds or thousands of years.  And, perhaps, they are not just “visiting.”  Perhaps they have been living on Earth for quite some  period of time.


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